Partners » Ventura County Behavioral Health Department

For the past two years, the Ventura County Behavioral Health Department (VCBHD) has worked with our company to develop a training partnership for the many liquor licensed establishments in their region.

This training partnership is extremely unique and provides large savings for employees and owners of bars, clubs and other alcohol service establishments.

As we have discussed for several months, the new California law requiring that all in house guards obtain a security license went into effect in January 2011. This new law requires a state registration and 16 hours of training for all in house guards or Bouncers. The VCBHD has obtained grant funding to pay for this licensing training for all of the employees requiring the training.

The training sessions will be held monthly until all employees needing the training are trained or until the funding runs out. The first free training session is Saturday and Sunday, November 19 & 20 from 8AM to 5PM. The training will be held at the Ventura Police Department and is open to all who register with the VCBHD.

For more information on the training sessions, call Nightclub Security Consultants at 619-997-6144 or Kari Fortson at 805-662-1874.

To register on this website, go to Events and find the Ventura PSO Training class. On that page, click the BUY button and then check on. The discount will automatically register.