National HOST "Platinum" 2024

National Hospitality Operations Security Techniques | Approved Training for Insurance Compliance (Class C Clients)

This robust training program will give owners and managers more peace of mind regarding how completely trained and knowledgeable their employees are after taking this course.

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Topics included in this course:

Powers to Arrest Conflict Resolution and Force
Alcohol Service Liabilities Alcohol Service Rules and Regulations
Recognition of Borrowed and Fake Identification Recognition of Narcotics and Club Drugs

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This course is NOT for any in-house guard or bouncer working in California. If you are a bar or nightclub security guard in California, by law, you must take the California PSO Licensing Training course, not our National HOST "Platinum" course.

This course is video based and has quizzes and testing modules. By using this format, we are helping owners or managers better equip and train their guards. An operator can now rest easy knowing their security guards didn't just take a training course, but that the guard took a training course, tested and passed the tests to be able to proceed.

The course was designed specifically for the hospitality industry in-house guard at a bar, nightclub, pub, tavern or any other type of liquor licensed establishment. The course contains researched educational information that can help any bar or nightclub employee do their job safer and smarter. The course, if the material is used correctly, can help reduce violence, prevent injury to clients or employees, reduce law enforcement visits and even improve community relationships.

Group discounts available and courses never expire:

Purchase 5-9 Online Sessions - $110.00 dollars each.

Purchase 10-19 Online Sessions - $100 dollars each.

Purchase 20 or more Online Sessions - $90.00 dollars each.