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The first online licensing course for in-house security guards in the country.

Nightlub & Bar Security

  • Expert job specific bouncer training
  • Increase safety of employees and patrons
  • Reduce violence and civil liability
  • First CA certified PSO training course

I Am a Bouncer

I need training and certification

Being a bouncer can be a dangerous and difficult job. Our job specific training for bouncers and in-house guards gives you the training you need to stay safe, be a better employee, or get a job if you are looking.

I Am a Venue Operator

I need to train employees

Our unique training ensures your employees are operating at the highest level, reduces violence, prevents police intervention, avoids civil lawsuits, and even lowers your insurance rates.

I Want to Learn More

About PSO and bouncer training

Find out how our PSO and bouncer training can help you as an employee or venue operator. Explore our online courses, read testimonials from our clients, and discover the many benefits of our course.

Discover Our New Products and Services

We offer a variety of online courses and expanded services for PSOs and employers.

In addition to offering job specific State of California Licensing Training, Nightclub Security Consultants offers a variety of courses and services that benefit PSOs, bouncers, in-house security guards, and their employers across the country. These include:

  • Online training courses, including: National Bouncer or In-House Guard online courses, Alcohol Service Liabilities, Alcohol Service Rules & Regulations, Recognition of Face Identification and Recognition of Club Drugs.
  • In person training events for small and large venues, trade show association events and other professional organizations.
  • Expert opinions, investigations and insurance evaluations for civil or criminal litigation.

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Our partners include:

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Our clients include:

See for yourself what people across the country are saying about Nightclub Security Consultants.

Wow, this training and the information Robert provides was a real eye opener. My staff can make immediate changes for the better.

We had many options when we searched for a company to train over 100 employees from California. After checking the qualifications of Robert, we selected his company, Nightclub Security Consultants.

We have a very high end venue and a high end clientele. We use Nightclub Security training programs because can't afford to use anything less than the best.

I know the nightclub industry but after taking this training, I have to admit there are things I didn't know.

This training and this material are exactly what the nightclub and bar industry needs.