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About Nightclub Security Consultants

Safety For All is Our #1 Priority

People go to bars and nightclubs to have a good time and feel safe. Our company was started to assist operators to create the environment to allow for good times and safety. However, most operators hardly ever proactively prepare for what can happen when things go wrong. If something does go wrong and it's a serious event, operators might ask themselves could we have or should we have trained better, been more prepared and managed our staff better so we could react appropriately when things didn't go as planned?

Nor do operators regularly consider the long-term consequences they face should things go wrong; injury to employees and patrons, enforcement action, civil lawsuits, loss of business and worse. The fact is that in our industry, we might see problems such as fights, over-intoxication, underage drinkers and other disruptive acts but we don't have to. With the correct training, real house policy's and on going employee support, most damaging events are preventable.

Nightclub Security Consultants and our revolutionary bouncer and in house guard training courses can and will protect your business from the very real and often life changing incidents that just one night can produce. Protecting patrons, employees and above all your business is our number one priority and we have the experience, the knowledge and the ability to help you do just that!

The Need for Nightclub Security Consultants and Bouncer Training

In 1998, while working as a San Diego Police Officer, the President of Nightclub Security Consultants was forced to arrest a bouncer for assault at a nightclub in San Diego. The consequences for this nightclub and this bouncer were severe, but the events also opened Robert's eyes; this event was completely preventable. During the investigation of that crime, Robert discovered that there were no training requirements for bouncers in San Diego, the State of California or anywhere in the country. He also discovered there were no hospitality industry standards for bouncers or security guards related to the protection of patrons, employees or the property of any nightclub, restaurant or bar. Thus, Nightclub Security Consultants was born.

Using his law enforcement experience, including courtroom expertise in several areas including narcotics recognition and sales, fake identification, alcohol consumption and violence, problem solving and community policing along with his experiences working in the hospitality industry, Robert developed a series of training courses to help employees protect themselves, other employees, guests and the liquor license from the serious and very real challenges every establishment faces.

Wow, this training and the information Robert provides was a real eye opener. My staff can make immediate changes for the better.

We had many options when we searched for a company to train over 100 employees from California. After checking the qualifications of Robert, we selected his company, Nightclub Security Consultants.

We have a very high end venue and a high end clientele. We use Nightclub Security training programs because can't afford to use anything less than the best.

I know the nightclub industry but after taking this training, I have to admit there are things I didn't know.

This training and this material are exactly what the nightclub and bar industry needs.