Hospitality Security Training For Your Team

Nightclub Security Consultants

Nightlife Security Consultants is the top-rated training system in the nation, preferred by hospitality service professionals and the #1 recommended by the insurance industry.

NSC is the only national security program specifically geared towards the hospitality industry. Our combined 50+ years experience provides superior, modern techniques that interweave hospitality, customer service and safety. This is why Nightlife Security is the #1 recommended training system by security professionals, business owners and insurance providers.

  • #1 Hospitality Security Training Program in the nation.
  • #1 used by hospitality security professionals.
  • #1 recommended by insurance providers.
  • The nations first hospitality training program.
  • California‚Äôs first state approved PPSO trainer.
  • Cutting edge training constantly updated by former law enforcement trainers.
  • Official Security training Certification Company for Nightclub and Bar Magazine.

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