New Hire Bouncer Training

Entry level training that every newly hired bouncer must know

Way too many owners and managers hire a new bouncer and put them on the floor hoping that through on-the-job training - having the new guy stand with an veteran guy, that somehow the new bouncer would get properly trained. This course can change totally change that.

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Topics included in this course:

Powers to Arrest Conflict Resolution and Force
Alcohol Service Liabilities Alcohol Service Rules and Regulations
Recognition of Borrowed and Fake Identification Recognition of Narcotics and Club Drugs

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For years and years the number one method of training a bouncer at a bar or club was to have them follow or stand with the longest employed guard. This experienced guard would try to advise the "newbie" security guard about how to check ID, what to say to the police, how to handle drunks and when to put your hands on guests. Unfortunately, this just never works as hoped and nearly every time, the new bouncer learns bad habits and simply spouts mis-information about rules, laws and industry standards.

This introductory course can truly guide a new bouncer or a potential newly hired bouncer to be ready for just about anything that might happen on their first night on the floor. The idea is to give the new bouncer knowledge and confidence when they have to talk to a guest, deal with a drunk or handle any other situation.

Finally, to help in the education of this newly hired bouncer, each lesson within this course will have a short quiz associated with it and every newly hired bouncer will receive a certificate of completion when finished.