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Get ahead with the #1 hospitality security training program in the nation.

Nightlife Security is the #1 training system in the nation, and is the preferred brand by hospitality service professionals and the companies that hire them. You will learn superior, modern techniques that interweave hospitality, customer service and safety. Hospitality Security Professionals need to make split second decisions that handle his/her own safety, the safety of others, the law, and customer service. We are the longest-running hospitality security company with law enforcement and hospitality backgrounds, so we know the issues you face and can help.

  • #1 training system used by hospitality security professionals.
  • Longest-running hospitality training system in the nation.
  • First California state approved PPSO trainer.
  • Cutting edge training constantly updated by former law enforcement trainers.
  • Official Security training Certification Company for Nightclub and Bar Magazine.

Online training PPSO certification for professionals in California

Online training certification for professionals in all other states