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Online Bouncer Training - Open 24/7

Our online bouncer training courses are open 24/7. You can take our course from the comfort of your home.

Bouncer Training

National HOST "Platinum" 2021


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National Hospitality Operations Security Techniques | Approved Training for Insurance Compliance (Class C Clients)

This robust training program will give owners and managers more peace of mind regarding how completely trained and knowledgeable their employees are after taking this course.

Reduce Liability, Violence, Underage Drinking, and More

If you are a bouncer, doorman, in house guard, or similarly employed, it is important that you take our online bouncer training courses to ensure you are operating in accordance with the law. Do you employ bouncers, doormen, or other security personnel in your bar and restaurant? It is your responsibility as a manager and/or owner to ensure your bouncers act safely and appropriately. If they aren’t, you are putting your establishment in danger of safety and legal liability.

Start Your Online Bouncer Training Today

Whether you are an individual bouncer or a manager looking to sign up all your employees, our online training courses are the solution for you. Our expertly written courses are proven to reduce criminal and civil liability, improve safety, and create a better environment for customers and staff. Specifically taking our online bouncer training courses will:

  • Reduce underage drinking
  • Reduce violence, fights, and other safety concerns
  • Reduce law enforcement visits
  • Improve bouncer confidence and leadership
  • Reduce bouncer turnover