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California Bouncer Training

California PSO Licensing Training 2021


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Proprietary Security Officer (PSO or PPSO) | Approved Training for Insurance Compliance (CALIFORNIA Clients)

The State of California mandates that all in-house guards or bouncers, known as Proprietary Private Security Officers (PSO) under the law, complete 16-hours of job-specific training as part of their licensing process. This requirement can be satisfied online through our interactive course. BSIS Approved 16-Hour Online PSO Training.

California PSO's are required by Law to Complete Training

If you are a bouncer, doorman, in house guard or are similarly employed in California you are required by state law to complete a state approved training course. If you work as an unlicensed guard, even if your employer allows you to work unlicensed, you face fines up to $5,000 dollars.

Do you employ bouncers, doormen or other security personnel in your establishment? It is your responsibility as a manager and /or owner to ensure your PSO's are both trained and registered with the state. If you hire an unlicensed guard or have any on staff now, you face fines up to $5,000 dollars per unlicensed guard. Additionally, you are putting your operation at great criminal and civil liability risk.

Start Your California PSO Online Training Today

Whether you are an individual PSO or a manager looking to sign up all your employees, our California licensed PSO online training course is the solution for you. Our expertly written course is proven to reduce criminal and civil liability, improve safety, create a better environment for guests and staff and totally fulfills the California PSO training requirement. Specifically taking our PSO training course has:

  • Reduced Underage Drinking
  • Reduced Over-Intoxication Issues
  • Reduced Police Visits
  • Reduced Reduce Civil Lawsuits
  • Reduced Insurance Premiums
  • Reduced PSO Turnover