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Who is a PSO

California PSO Licensing Training 2021


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Proprietary Security Officer (PSO or PPSO) | Approved Training for Insurance Compliance (CALIFORNIA Clients)

The State of California mandates that all in-house guards or bouncers, known as Proprietary Private Security Officers (PSO) under the law, complete 16-hours of job-specific training as part of their licensing process. This requirement can be satisfied online through our interactive course. BSIS Approved 16-Hour Online PSO Training.

The term PSO (or PPSO) is a relatively new term adopted by the state of California that stands for Proprietary Private Security Officer. Under the law, PSOs must have a license and have completed certified training with the state of California. Specifically, the CA state law designates a PSO as anyone who:

Works in a bar, restaurant, or hotel as "security" and is not paid by a security company and:

  • Your job requires that you interact with the public
  • You wear a distinctive uniform (i.e. matching polo shirts, black shirt and khaki pants, matching t-shirts)
  • You do not carry a firearm

Common Titles for PSOs include:

  • Bouncer
  • Security Guard
  • Doorman
  • Door Host
  • ID Screener
  • Security Host
  • In House Guard
  • Host
  • Ambassador
  • Security Concierge

If you are a PSO in California, you are required by law to have a valid licensed and have completed the required training.