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NSC has review dozens of responsible alcohol service programs, and is our preferred training provider.'s training programs are comprehensive, easy to comprehend and deliver meaningful information to make you a more responsible alcohol server. offers alcohol certification for bartenders, wait staff, managers with restaurants, bars, taverns, nightclubs, or any entity that sells or serves alcoholic beverages. is above all the preferred alcohol training provider for most liability insurance carriers across the United States. offers the best option to achieve your online certification for state alcohol training. They go beyond simple alcohol awareness and carding techniques to deliver everything most importantly needed as an alcohol seller or server in your state. You deserve to know all the possible implications that surround the service of alcohol. For example, you may be held personally responsible in the event of a damaging or devastating experience. Knowledge of how to handle certain situations is critical. An individual or establishment must know all aspects that surround the service of alcohol. A lot of responsibility rides on your shoulders.

State Approved Training Programs:

Arkansas Alcohol Seller-Server Certificate
California RBS Training
Florida Responsible Vendor Training
Georgia Alcohol Seller Server Course
Illinois BASSET Card
Iowa Responsible Alcohol Seller Server Course
Kansas Alcohol Seller Server Training
Kentucky Alcohol Server Training
Massachusetts Alcohol Server Training
Michigan Alcohol Seller Server Course
Minnesota Alcohol Server Training
Mississippi Alcohol Seller Server Training
Montana Alcohol Seller-Server Training
Nebraska Alcohol Seller Server Course
New Jersey Alcohol Server Certificate
North Dakota Alcohol Seller Server Certification
New York ATAP Certification Online
Ohio Responsible Alcohol Seller Server Course
Pennsylvania Seller Server Course
South Carolina Alcohol Seller Server
Texas TABC Certification
Tennessee TABC Alcohol Server and Seller Training
Wisconsin Bartender License
West Virginia Alcohol Seller Server Course