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Online Bouncer Training - Open 24/7

Our online bouncer training courses are open 24/7. You can take our course from the comfort of your home.

Benefits for Venue Operators

National HOST "Platinum" 2021


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National Hospitality Operations Security Techniques | Approved Training for Insurance Compliance (Class C Clients)

This robust training program will give owners and managers more peace of mind regarding how completely trained and knowledgeable their employees are after taking this course.

Get the Benefits for your Establishment

Wow, this training and the information Robert provides was a real eye opener. My staff can make immediate changes for the better.

Sasha Ebady; General Manager, The Third Edition, Washington, D.C.

Our training programs will give you and your staff the tools to discover fake or borrowed ID, lower incidents of violence, keep the police away, prevent civil lawsuits and even lower your insurance rates. Besides our comprehensive training, we can help the small, single venue operators create employee policy and procedure manuals, assist with new hire training programs, alcohol server training programs and offer ongoing person consultation.

Specifically our training programs:

  • Increase bouncer knowledge, awareness, and ability to respond to incidents and challenges
  • Teach owners and employees proper documentation of incidents that do occur
  • Reduce guard assaults, injury, and violence
  • Reduce patron injury and violence
  • Reduce police responses to the venue
  • Reduce venue crime
  • Reduce venue civil lawsuits
  • Reduce venue civil lawsuit payouts
  • Reduce venue insurance company settlements
  • Create a safer work environment
  • Reduce guard turnover
  • Reduce guard apprehension
  • Reduce patron complaints
  • Lower insurance premiums and costs
  • Reduce underage drinking
  • Reduce the presence of drugs in your establishment
  • Reduce drunk drivers leaving your venue

Contact us to learn more about our training program and how to sign up. We offer group pricing for the purchase of courses for multiple employees.

I know the nightclub industry but after taking this training, I have to admit there are things I didn't know.

Robert McEntire; General Manager, Avalon Hollywood, California