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Online Bouncer Training - Open 24/7

Our online bouncer training courses are open 24/7. You can take our course from the comfort of your home.

Benefits for Bouncers

National HOST "Platinum" 2021


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National Hospitality Operations Security Techniques | Approved Training for Insurance Compliance (Class C Clients)

This robust training program will give owners and managers more peace of mind regarding how completely trained and knowledgeable their employees are after taking this course.

Being Trained Reduces Civil and Criminal Liability

Do you currently work as a bouncer, or want to begin working as a bouncer in a bar or nightclub? If so, our bouncer training courses are the perfect way to:

  • Keep yourself safe and avoid on the job injuries
  • Protect yourself from legal and criminal liability
  • Be more employable and get a job more quickly

Many bouncers are not aware that they can be held criminally and civilly liable for incidents that take place while they work. Moreover, without the proper training for how to react to challenges, bouncers can find themselves in danger. Learn how to protect yourself and your job with our certified bouncer training, and avoid the costly and sometimes tragic consequences that can happen.

In our courses, you will learn valuable information that ensures you are operating at the top of your game. You have the option of taking our full training course, known as HOST, or choosing individual training courses focused on specific topics like Recognition of Fake Identification, Powers to Arrest, Terrorism Awareness, Recognition of Narcotics and Club Drugs, and more. Our courses not only protect you from harm and liability, they make you a better employee and leader in your place of work.