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Nightclub Security Consultants has partnered with IntelliCorp to offer owners and managers the chance to obtain inexpensive and thorough criminal background checks on their current and potential employees.

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When Nightclub Security Consultants opened for business in 1998, we wanted to first and foremost, lower the number of Preventable liability issues in and around bars, clubs and other alcohol sales venues across the country. Issues such as violent acts by guest and bouncers, over-service of alcohol, underage persons obtaining alcohol, police calls for service, employee theft and more. Through training, education and consulting directly with bar and club owners, we continue to work on this difficult goal. To assist in our success, we have added another tool for operators to use.

Our partnership with IntelliCorp will allow operators to complete a very thorough and comprehensive background check for an extremely low price. This background check, although not conducted by the FBI or the Department of Justice, uses public records that are available to the common person to find the the background history of your current or prospective employee. What our partner has done is to take the hundreds of hours of research a manager would have to conduct and do it all for them. Their work allows a manager to complete a comprehensive background check, normally, within minutes.

Ok, why conduct a background check on employees? It may seem obvious but let me add some other thoughts.

Typically, when employees are caught stealing or doing other illegal activity, owners simply terminate the employee and move on to hire another employee. The terminated employee then gets another job down the road at another bar and starts stealing from their new employer. And on, and on, and on. However, what if a manager found that a prospective employee had 1 or 2 theft convictions or perhaps was on probation in another city for assault. Wouldn't that manager be better prepared to hire or not hire that potential their or assault waiting to happen? Of course!

Conducting a background check on in-house security guards (bouncers), bartenders and even managers is a new necessary part of the hiring process and absolutely must be considered. As once was said in a well known movie; This is Show Business, Not Show Friends.

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