California Guard Guide

**California Guard Guide** – A Reference for Liquor Licensed Operators

Our company has been formally training and consulting with bars, clubs, restaurants and hotels since 1998. We’ve tackled several tough industry issues and helped operators better understand their liabilities, the policing mindset and several other important issues.

However, over the past two years, one of the most confusing items that operators from California have had to deal with was the new California Proprietary Security Officer (PSO) licensing process and the exact “in’s and out’s” of the program.

We answer questions from California operators daily regarding the state licensing program. The State of California has tried to answer commonly asked questions by adding a simple Frequently Asked Questions page on their website. The information on their page is good but it lacks some simple language for operators. We will now offer another possible resource to help operators find the answers they have.

After attending several community meetings in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego, we categorized the largest number of common questions we heard asked. We then discussed the correct responses would be, verified our answers and offered the questions and answers to some current clients to see if they could easily navigate our guide.

Our final, 2-page document is titled “California Guard Guide – A quick guide for bar, nightclub and liquor license operators.” The document is simple to read and simple to follow. The eleven questions and answers enable operators to immediately understand the program and understand what they must do to be legally compliant.

We encourage owners and managers to read the guide, print and post it in their offices, share it at their local association meetings and send us comments on what else they would like to know.

Good Luck and Be Safe.