Reduce Your Insurance

Our unique Bouncer training programs have been used across the country for over 14 years. Since day one we have tried to locate an insurance provider to understand that a well trained employee can save the operation hundreds of thousands of dollars by NOT causing problems. In 2009 we found a national insurance brokerage that agreed to review our training.

After a complete review and attending our training, Hospitality Insurance Agency (HIA) agreed to to offer clients savings of 5%, 10% and even 15% off premise liability and assault and battery insurance coverage. The savings from these two areas could be save you tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Here's an example of how to use our training and consultation to attempt to obtain a discount on your insurance premiums. The proposal was simple. First, contact our company and retain our services for training and the review of their current operation. We will discuss the plan with you and then talk to Pike at HIA. Here is what we then did for a client;

  1. Provide our National HOST Security training to employees. This is an 8-hour long basic security training course.
  2. Provide our Advanced National HOST Security training to employees. This is a 5-hour long role play course. The role play uses actual scenarios from around the country where the incident ended up in litigation. We use these cases to put the employees in uncomfortable positions in a controlled environment.
  3. We will review and update the current Policy & Procedure Manual of the venue. The first day's training is based on that manual. Each employee receives a copy of that manual to review and learn.
  4. We will conduct a site review of the entire premise and offer upgrades to raise the standard for the operation. We inspect the entrance, the lighting, the CCTV system, the position of guards, the actual activities of the guards and the end of night "push".
  5. We will then submit a report of training attendees, the policy manual and the recommended changes to Pike at HIA.

After he verifies all the above, he works with the client to finalize their discounted policy. See, Pike understands that a well trained employee can save in unnecessary claims which saves everyone money. For one client, not too long ago, after their training event, they saved more than $11,000 dollars annually. And, the entire training and consulting event we provided cost them less than $5000.00 dollars.

That's a great savings. To see if you can get similar savings, contact us at [email protected].