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Expert Opinions

Robert C. Smith took his first call from an attorney back in 2000. He was asked to provide his first legal opinion involving a bar security guard or "Bouncer" who had used excessive force. During meetings with council he brought up several points from law enforcement reports and from the criminal aspect of the bouncers conduct. When that case finally finished, the legal team advised Mr. Smith that they couldn't wait to use the investigative points on other cases.

To this day, this sort of response isn't abnormal to Mr. Smith. Attorney's representing plaintiffs or defendants continue to be amazed when they ask questions and get insightful responses that other "Experts" never mentioned to them. Using his 20 year law enforcement career as an investigative guide, Mr. Smith prides himself on not just reading the material provided but also reading between the lines of the case to provide his clients information that may have not been previously seen or discovered.

Another unique aspect that Mr. Smith brings to the table is that his company is first and foremost a Training & Consulting company and only derives about 20% of it's income from Expert Witness work. This company structure allows Mr. Smith to evaluate cases and if the evidence does not match the litigation claim for EITHER side, he can maintain his honest and open reputation and tell the truth that there may not be a case.

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  • I have testified in over 500 Misdemeanor & Felony Criminal Arraignments, Preliminary Hearings and Trials as well as an additional 50 Juvenile Justice, Probation and Parole Violation Hearings.
  • I have offered testimony and opinions in over 25 beverage control liquor license evaluation hearings.
  • I have been retained as an Expert Witness in over 100 bar or club civil liability cases.
  • I have given over 50 verbal or written Expert Opinions for bar or club civil liability cases.
  • I provided deposition or trial testimony in over 25 bar or club civil liability cases.