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Liability Assessments

Learning to Assess Your Risk.

For most operators, truly understanding what areas can get them in trouble can't be found in a book or from an alcohol permit. We have helped small and large bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and other liquor licensed venues understand how to lower their overall liability or risk. Using points from a long used and trusted police program called Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design or CPTED, we help you learn to evaluate your venue, your staff, your procedures and your future.

We normally conduct these evaluations in connection with a training evolution, we will visit your venue and really look at it. We'll ask questions, often times about things that the manager or owner have no answer to. We then provide smart feedback on what might be done to address some obvious liability issues and some not so obvious ones.

Are you an insurance company or a national insurance broker?

You or your company may be able to partner with us to offer your clients our training services to help them lower their overall risk and create an environment with fewer incidents of violence, fewer calls for police service, fewer police reports and of course, fewer civil liability lawsuits.