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Last Call Service

Our Last Call Service is a powerful and extremely valuable service we offer to any bar, club, restaurant or any other liquor licensed venue that might need it. The service has been reviewed, examined and used by attorneys and insurance company’s who need our insight and investigative skills before the costly civil lawsuit.

The program works like this:

When a serious event such as a shooting, a stabbing or another serious, deadly or major violent incident occurs in a liquor licensed venue, the first call should be to call 911 for emergency help. When the police arrive, the next call should be to the owner of the venue to advise them of the incident. Then, when everything calms down, normally within 10 hours, the final call or the Last Call, should be to Nightclub Security Consultants.

On the phone, we will ask several questions and then within 24-48 hours, will arrive at the incident location to conduct a civil litigation investigation on behalf of the venue owner, their attorney or their insurance company. This civil litigation investigation is totally different than the investigation the police will do.

The police will respond and conduct a “criminal” investigation. Their investigation will be totally focused on the criminal prosecution of any suspect that might be found and arrested. This investigation will look for very specific points related to winning a criminal prosecution case and will absolutely not be conducted with a future civil case in mind. The police questions, their photos, their witness checks will normally be of little use for a future civil lawsuit against the venue. Our investigation covers the points the police don’t worry about and normally don’t think about.

With over 20 years of police criminal investigation history and another 14 years of hospitality industry experience, our unique and tailored investigation will find facts and obtain information that will be extremely useful for both attorney’s and insurance company’s deciding to fight a civil lawsuit. Our Last Call Service will help keep track of important records, witness statements, photos and video evidence, future employee location information and in many cases, unique facts that if not collected professionally and within days of the event might be lost forever.

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