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Liability Secret Shopping

We feel the most expensive part of doing business for any bar, club or other entertainment venue is the cost of liability mistakes. What we're talking about are the costs of insurance, the cost of violent incidents, the cost of excessive force, the cost of a server not screening that underage ID correctly and anything else that deals with citations, sanctions, penalties, arrests or court judgement.

Until now, for the operator who wanted to be proactive in checking their employees work, skills and actions, there was nothing for them to do other then watch and wait. Not any more.

Our liability secret shopper programs are as unique as anything else we do. There are many possible problem areas for any liquor licensee to worry about but we feel the two most dangerous are the over-service of alcohol and serving alcohol to a minor.

To help the operator proactively address these issues, we use knowledgeable and experienced operators to enter and watch your staff. We aren't watching for their dinner presentation or the proper folding of the napkin. No, instead, we are searching for what local police or state agents would watch for; Violations of the law and violations of internal policy.

Secondly, we conduct modified minor decoy operations to see if your staff are truly on their toes and are properly screening that younger persons identification or denying them entry into the venue.

We are the best at what we do and our shopping programs address liability issues better than any other method currently available in the hospitality industry.